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Not a Franchise

When engaging in a business partnership with Comox Valley Closets, you aren’t acquiring a franchise. There are no fees, advertising contributions, or royalty payments. Instead, you’re establishing a manufacturer/dealer relationship to enhance your local market competitiveness by providing locally manufactured closets and organizational systems for your company.

Smart Partnership

Invest wisely by becoming a Comox Valley Closets dealer. Allocate your funds towards business promotions, marketing and staff, not machinery or warehouse space. Focus on selling and installing closets, letting us handle the technical aspects, ensuring a smart investment for your business growth.

Custom for Less

You don’t have to compromise – if you want 42.625”, that’s what you get, at no extra cost! Your installations look better, fit better and your customer has a custom job.

Endless Possibilities

You are never locked into any one format. You can buy individual custom closets or components for inventory – the choice is yours.

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